Festival internacional Signos da Noite - Lisboa
International Festival Signs of the Night - Lisbon

17° Festival internacional Signos da Noite - Lisboa (5° Edição) - January 17-20, 2020

Focus Portugal


Friday - January 17th, 2020
7 pm

Lisboa, Portugal


Tiago Afonso
Portugal / 2018 / 0:13:00


Two erratic journeys only related by the the fact that all happens at the same time at small distance. It is a film that refuses to judge, telling two stories while refusing to be subjected to analogies between them.



Cold Pixel
Pixel Frio
Rodrigo Areias
Portugal / 2018 / 0:13:00

A man and a woman are in charge of a cultural venue. He believes in technological evolution while she believes that love is static. One last exhibition and one last show.



Miguel Gaspar
Portugal / 2019 / 0:06:40

Mediterranean - a sea or a cemetery? From a report by a Portuguese volunteer who carried out maritime rescue missions on a ship of a German NGO during the current refugee crisis in the Mediterranean, “Mayday” builds a visual narrative, giving space to a reflection on the drama of this humanitarian issue.
Ambulatory Through the Poetry of Augusto dos Anjos a António Nobre
Ambulatório altravés da poesia de Augusto dos Anjos a António Nobre
Pedro Bastos
Portugal / 2019 / 0:29:20


This film-essay, part of the poetic work of António Nobre and Augusto dos Anjos. It seeks to experiment with new conceptions of the moving image, combining the new digital supports of the video with the artisanario altravés da poesia de Augusto dl manipulation of the image using techniques from the beginnings of cinema: Filters, mirrors with distortions and chromatic aberrations, etc., merging both techniques. This film analyzes not only the poetry of the authors, but also adopts the "deformation" of both, when looking for new languages for poetry.*
Filipe Melo
Portugal / 2018 / 00:14:30

A man goes on a journey for a slice of apple pi"Sleepwalk" is the film adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name, by Filipe Melo, illustrated by Juan Cava, edited in 2017 by Granta Magazine in Portugal. It's a free essay and reflection on the death penalty.
Eduardo Brito
Portugal / 2018 / 0:07:0

And then, a house will appear to be waiting you: as in a slope, this is a leaning story on the memory of places and things, on returns and new beginnings.



A Portrait Of Butterflies
Um Retrato de Borboletas
Henrique Prudencio
Portugal / 2019 / 0:10:40


A girl invites different men to her home. They expect something out of it. She just wants to be free.