Festival internacional Signos da Noite - Lisboa
International Festival Signs of the Night - Lisbon

7° Festival internacional Signos da Noite - Lisboa - December 26-31, 2021

19th International Festival Signs of the Night - Portugal


December 29th / 4 pm -
31th / 4 pm, 2021


Er is een geest van mij

Mateo Vega
Netherlands, Peru 2021 / 0:06:00

An attempt at mourning both personal and political futures that never arrived, organised around a broad interpretation of the trope of the ghost. We see depersonalised figures, urban ruins, consuming fires and microscopic images of decaying bodily matter; footage was shot in Washington DC, Lima and Amsterdam. Issues like failed neoliberal promises of progress, the rise of fascism, and self-image and adulthood are brought together, set to a poem that shifts between Spanish and Dutch.




A Year in Exile

Malaz Usta
Turkey / 2020 / 0:19:00

This is the story of a lonely and young Syrian immigrant’s first year outside his small country in a metropolitan city, Istanbul. Through a collection of images and sounds, the film exhibits what he faces, the pictures that he sees, the crowded thoughts in his head, and the state of shock that he lives throughout this year.


Lot´s Wife

Panagiotis Stergianos
Greece / 2020 / 0:23:00

A man and a woman trapped in a basement. An oblique look at Genesis chapter 19.




Cristina Motta
Argentina, Colombia / 2021 / 0:10:00

A camera. Landscapes in which dirt tracks barely hide the mass graves and in which the bodies of the “disappeared” flow down the river. With an incisive tone, Cristina Motta calls for the memory of the people who fell victim to the violence in Argentina and Colombia, two territories she holds dear.




In Campania, in the Winter

Théo Verprat
France / 2020 / 0:15:30

When I left Naples, I knew it was for ever. I would never come back. Though I left a part of myself there : in those streets, on that beach, beneath the ruin.



The Recess

Navid Nikkhah Azad
Iran / 2021 / 0:11:40

Seventeen-year-old Sahar is determined to watch her favorite soccer team play for the league championship. Barred from attending sports events as a woman, Sahar disguises herself as a boy with the help of her friends. Things take a tragic turn when Sahar’s disguise is uncovered. Inspired by true events, The Recess explores gender oppression in Iranian society.