Festival internacional Signos da Noite - Lisboa
International Festival Signs of the Night - Lisbon

7° Festival internacional Signos da Noite - Lisboa - December 26-31, 2021

19th International Festival Signs of the Night - Portugal


December 30th 2021/ 4 pm -
January 1st / 4 pm, 2022


Being Brave

Joffre Faria Silva
Canada / 2021 / 0:20:00

Beckett, a precocious and resilient twelve-year-old, travels the bumpy road of a young boy living in complicated times. Beckett craves the love and acceptance of his divorced parents, but sees it jeopardized by the constant bullying he receives at school because of his father’s sexuality. Incensed by the latest homophobic taunts by his mother’s new boyfriend’s son - Spencer - Beckett reacts, standing up for himself and unleashing a chain of events that in his eyes will resolve the situation he finds himself in and keep him safe.




Lina Asadullina
Russian Federation / 2020 / 0:20:43

A female translator of the Greek language from time to time has sex at nights in cars with some occasional taxi drivers. She doesn’t meet them anymore. But one enchanted taxi driver migrant (a person born in former Soviet Republic - Georgia) is trying to find her and he is detained by the police instead. Only this beautiful stranger can help him…But she has to overcome her fears and hang-ups in order to help him.



13 Amsterdam Street

Olivier Lopes Barros
France / 2021 / 0:15:58

Simon moves in with his mother in an eleven-story building. Troubled by this new life, his senses play tricks on him.


Desert Lights

Luces del desierto
Félix Blume
Mexico / 2021 / 0:30:00

Some strange lights appear at night in the Mexican desert. The residents tell us what they’ve seen: fire, a fireball, lights flying, lightning falling from the sky and a flash. The singularity of each experience builds a complete story narrated by a choir of people. An encounter with this strange phenomena can be surprising, dangerous or even fatal. The night isn’t as dark as it seems. The desert is full of all kinds of living beings. This emptiness is the place for everyone. Desert Lights invites us to open our eyes wide in the twilight and to listen to the sounds hidden in the blackness. A horror movie, in the darkness of the desert.